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ΔΕΘ HELEXPO - Pavilion 13
154 Egnatias Street
54636 Thessaloniki

From Thessaloniki and back to it: Let's talk about forced journeys

City Tour
Let's talk about migrants' paths

During a special walk through the city centre, we will visit places where refugees lived and hear stories from people who experienced the difficult journey both to and from Thessaloniki. The aim is to highlight the importance of historical events, both past and present, but also the importance of keeping an open dialogue on contemporary issues, while building bridges between different peoples, customs, and cultures.

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The 18th Thessaloniki International Book Fair will feature a prominent focus on German-language literature. During the fair, the Goethe-Institut in Thessaloniki is organising a thematic city tour in collaboration with Dot2Dot – a company active in the fields of education, culture, and tourism.

For centuries, Thessaloniki has been a city that welcomes people from different cultures into its fold. Significant events include migration in the Byzantine and Ottoman times, as well as violent uprooting during the Asia Minor catastrophe. Jews, Armenians, refugees from 1922 on, and others arrived to the port and streets of Thessaloniki. And Thessaloniki welcomed them all.

Yet there were times in which the city was considered inhospitable, and thousands of people left in search of a new start. The forced migration of populations to and from Thessaloniki induced mixed feelings of joy, worry, and fear.

Today, streams of migrants and refugees are arriving in the city once again – with the same feelings and concerns. Others are electing to return after years of living in Germany and other European countries.

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