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German Stories

Frankfurter Buchmesse's activities outside Germany.

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What Is German Stories About?

Many of you are familiar not only with the Frankfurter Buchmesse, but also with the German Collective Stands at various international book fairs. In 2021, after a year of enforced absence, we are slowly yet confidently planning our return to these events. As so often, however, this return will also bring changes.

For the first time, on our website we are offering a complete overview of Frankfurter Buchmesse's activities outside Germany. At which book fairs will you find a German Collective Stand? What publishers will be represented where?

What titles will we exhibit, and where? Which of the festivals will be hosting German-language authors? What conferences do we organise, and what funding programmes are interesting for you?

In the future, you can visit this website to find answers to these and many more questions. To begin with the pandemic, which still persists, has forced us to limit the number of fixed dates. But in the course of the year, we will close the gaps. That’s a promise!

Upcoming Events

German Stories Magazine
CONTEC Buenos Aires: Sharing Innovation - Sustainability, Audio and Translation
One of the aims of the Frankfurter Buchmesse is to strengthen and consolidate the international book market through seminars, workshops and conferences, bringing the “Frankfurt Experience” to other parts of the world.
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