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German Stories - News from Frankfurt

Here we accompany our book collections with further information and present selected titles. We also include interviews, essays and interesting to curious facts about German book market.

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The Beauty of Difference Aufmacher
The Beauty of Difference

We don’t see things the way they are – we see them the way we are, says the Talmud, one of Judaism’s most important texts. But which way is that? Which stories are told about Germany and its people, and who is missing from them?

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Bijan Moini und TIBE Foto
Bijan Moini in conversation

Lawyer, political scientist and civil rights activist Bijan Moini about his impressions of Taipei International Book Exhibition 2024, AI, freedom and foreign cultural work.

Gutenberg Museum Mainz Foto
Writing Away from Home

Many cities and towns boast residency programmes for Authors. One thing they all have in common is that they enable writers to enjoy a period of financial independence.

Buch vor Blick auf Berge
Books That Travel 2024

Promoting literary translation is a celebration of cultural diversity and an investment in fostering understanding and empathy across borders.

Juergen Boos und Jonathan Beck
Juergen Boos in Conversation with Jonathan Beck

Juergen Boos, director of the Frankfurter Buchmesse, has arranged to meet with the seventh-generation publisher Jonathan Beck.

Kyiv Maidan Nezalezhnosti

With the fall of the Berlin Wall, some people believed we had reached the end of history. But hope of a peace dividend was to prove vain.

Portrait Katerina Poladjan
And When I Heard the German Language

A Column by Katerina Poladjan
Much has already been said about Germany, and much of it certainly needed to be said. But who or what is Germany?

Emilia Zenzile Roig
Levelly human is enough

Identity politics divides us, creates artificial groups in society and reinforces discrimination instead of combating it. Isn’t it the opposite of what social justice movements should be doing? Wouldn’t it be more effective to bring us together instead of highlighting our differences? Aren’t we all human? And most importantly, do we want to be put in boxes – aren’t we all more complex than these fixed identity dimensions?

Jakob Augstein
The new class struggle?

What is ‘identity politics’? Anyone who knows the answer is probably against the idea. In recent months, the term has had an illustrious career – but only as a caricature and a distortion.

Cinzia Sciuto
A contradiction in terms

Until not so very long ago, the term ‘identity’ was the preserve of right-wing movements, which interpreted it in a nationalistic and chauvinistic way. Today, it is increasingly being used on the left as a way of emancipating groups who experience discrimination. This, however, raises the question of whether the conscious recognition of identity can ever have a positive effect, especially from a progressive point of view.

Books – a Key Medium for Reflection

Every year in October, the world comes to Frankfurt. People from across the globe gather together here because they have one thing in common: their love of culture and of words, whether in written, printed or (increasingly) electronic form.

Wunderwelt der Vögel
From Little Kids to Big Ones, From the Child’s World to the Cosmos

A child’s everyday life is full of feelings, crying, laughing, being together, being apart, having fun and sleeping. To a child, everything is important and experienced with great intensity. At the same time, the world is big and exciting. Who are we humans in this world? And anyway, what is the world compared to the cosmos? Books can help to make sense of all this.

Jan Bachmann Der Kaiser im Exil, Edition Moderne
Biographical, fictional, fantastical

The German comics scene doesn’t have a particularly big share of the domestic book market, but it’s evolving and making its mark – with some interesting thematic trends.


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