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Bohemia Pavillon, room 203
Prague Exhibition Grounds
170 00 Prague 7

Book-to-Screen: Best practices for first steps in the film adaption business


At this book-to-screen event, we take a look behind the scenes.


How do books find their way to the screen? Is a successful book the key to a successful film? What distinguishes a bestselling book from a good screenplay? How far can and should screenwriters stray from the book? How can the wit, charm and originality of the material be preserved? To what extent do book authors and filmmakers work together? What kind of books are film producers looking for? What role can play book festivals and film festivals?

Niki Théron discusses these and other questions with Frauke Kniffler, Head of Rights at publishing house Klett-Cotta (Germany), and Vratislav Šlajer, Head producer at Bionaut (Czech Republic). 

This event is curated by CEEBM and Frankfurter Buchmesse and open to publishing professionals and authors interested to know more about the film adaption process, upon registration. 



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