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CONTEC Africa: Empowering Books through Metadata Excellence


Publishers Training

The Ghana Book Development Council in collaboration with the Frankfurter Buchmesse (organisers of Frankfurt Bookfair), under the auspices of the Accra World Book Capital, 2023 present a 2-day workshop on METADATA IN BOOK PUBLISHING. For authors and publishers, metadata is very useful in organizing content as well as improving visibility and sales. An accurate and good metadata is a marketing strategy for reaching a wider audience, which has a positive impact on sales. 

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In the dynamic world of publishing, where books strive for attention, metadata emerges as the unsung hero that elevates visibility and fuels book sales. Join us for an engaging workshop focused on unraveling the power of metadata in the publishing industry. Our goal is not only to enhance your understanding of metadata but also to bring different market participants together for a creative exchange, fostering innovation and collaboration.

Agenda - Draft


  • Welcome and participant introductions
  • Workshop objectives: What do we aim to achieve?
  • Brief introduction to metadata and its significance in the book industry
  • Overview of the workshop schedule


Session 1: Fundamentals of Metadata

  • What is metadata? Definition and importance
  • Why is metadata important? Its benefits for publishers, bookstores, and authors
  • Types of metadata: bibliographic, structural, descriptive, administrative, etc.

Session 2: Metadata in Practice

  • Metadata in the publishing industry: How do publishers create and manage metadata?

  • Metadata in bookstores: How do booksellers use metadata for cataloging and sales promotion?
  • The role of metadata in online book marketing
  • Best practices and case studies

Session 3: Metadata Standards and Guidelines

  • What standards and guidelines exist for metadata in the book industry?
  • How can publishers and bookstores leverage these standards in their work?
  • Discussion on the advantages of standardization

Session 4: Metadata Quality and Maintenance

  • How can metadata quality be ensured?
  • Tips and strategies for effective metadata maintenance
  • Flawed metadata: Implications and how to avoid them

Closing Discussion and Exchange

  • Reflection on what participants have learned and discussed during the workshop
  • How can bookstores and publishers exchange and utilize metadata more effectively?
  • Ideas for future collaborations and initiatives
  • Final questions and feedback from participants

Closing Remarks 

  • Summary of key insights and action points
  • Thanks to participants and a glimpse into future events


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