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Viusal for the event about female authors and european history - Foire du Livre de Bruxelles

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Place de l'Europe - Gare maritime, Tour&Taxis
11 Rue Picard
11 Rue Picard
1000 Bruxelles

“Do you read Europe?” - Female fiction authors & European history


A panel discussion between three authors on the influence of Europe in their books, with German author Helene Bukowski.


The Prince (Agullo) echoes the rise of the far right in Germany. Translated into twenty languages, a novel that combines fact and fiction through the destinies of fantastic women who have marked the history of the Czech Republic: these are The Last Goddesses (Charleston), by Kateřina Tučková. As for Helena Bukowski, with her character of a soldier in La guerrière (éditions Gallmeister), she is a new and highly acclaimed German voice who examines the legacy of experiences of violence that have affected several generations.

Three voices that count in European literature, three novels infused with the spirit of History.               



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