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Palace of Culture and Science; Mickiewicz hall
plac Defilad 1
00-901 Warszawa

Vivat book! How to achieve zero waste in the publishing market?


The book market does not operate in a social and economic vacuum, and somewhat behaves as if the problem of limited resources and the environmental impact of overproduction did not concern it. We want to show the problem against a broader background than before.


Programm includes (but is not limited to) discussion over the following topics:

why is the topic of thrift and waste so important - the perspective of the climate crisis and the question of whether less in this market means better?

- What good and sustainable practices are to be observed in Great Britain and in Germany and how both of these countries are dealing with overproduction?

- How does it all look nowadays in the Polish book market? What could help the publishing market in Poland?

- Zero waste in the publishing market: what do booksellers say about it?



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