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TIBE Frankfurt Publishers Training Programme 2022

Online EnglishChinese

6 Experts, 6 Markets, a World of Opportunities

Get inspired by exclusive insights & conversations

Will 2022 be the year we overcome the many setbacks of the pandemic? Sharing experiences and showing solidarity are major assets of the publishing community which we need now more than ever.

Look forward to this and more on 6 – 7 June at this year’s Taipei - Frankfurt Publishers Training Programme. The hybrid event features a diverse group of outstanding industry experts who will offer up-to-date insights into their specific markets as well as latest developments in their fields of expertise. Each session also includes an open Q&A with the expert.

A strong focus will be on marketing activities, particularly digital marketing. Furthermore, we will hear about working with the so-called creative industries from the publisher’s perspective. Asian and European markets are the focus of this hybrid event.

The program will take place at the 2022 Taipei International Book Exhibition. You are welcome to join the event in person, or participate in it via online streaming platform.


Advanced registration for the event is required, please see the end of the article for more registration information.

Conference language is English with simultaneous translation into Mandarin

Sabina Ciechowski, Head of Marketing, Ullstein Buchverlage Germany

Sabina will share with us the latest developments at Ullstein Publishers, one of the oldest and most prestigious publishers in Germany. She will give us an update on the German book market, including the latest trends, learnings and developments in the wake of Covid-19. Most importantly, she will offer hands-on examples from Ullstein’s marketing department with insights on their digital marketing activities.

Jo Surman, Group Digital Director, HarperCollinsPublishers, United Kingdom

Jo will bring in her wide-reaching expertise in the digital space for a deep dive into some of the most exciting new trends in the industry. She will touch on D2C ecommerce, social media channel management, backlist ebook production at HarperCollins as well as interesting new developments in the British market. Tap into her rich knowledge in the Q&A for other topics of interest.

Keita Hasegawa, Editor, Brand Marketing Division POPLAR Publishing, Japan

Why do some characters have a wider appeal and longer shelf-life than others? Particularly children are the most challenging group to convince, but also the most rewarding when you make the right connection. Keita will talk about his success in character branding for younger audiences and the exciting opportunities of multichannel marketing. His insights into the Japanese market will round off the session relevant to publishers of any genre.

Santos Palazzi, Director of Mass Market and Digital Area at Grupo Planeta, Spain

Santos knows the digital space like no other. His session will put a focus on unlocking the potential of digital catalogues and how that interprets into lucrative business. Besides highlighting the particularities of the Spanish and Latin American markets, he will also share his experiences promoting Grupo Planeta authors and publications in the digital environment. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to meet Santos and ask him about his marketing strategies.

Sonia Draga, CEO, Sonia Draga Publishing Group, Poland

Sonia will provide a deep-dive on the book market in Poland and beyond, drawing on her unique background covering all aspects of the content industry, from creation, to publishing, to marketing and sales. Her session offers a glimpse into the future of publishing, partially also because Poland is the upcoming Guest of Honour for TIBE 2023.

Andrea Pasion-Flores, Publisher, Milflores Publishing, Philippines

Andrea’s session will give an inside view of recent developments and trends in Philippine publishing, informed by her extensive knowledge of and experience with the various challenges of the industry, from policy to rights sales, from writing and editing to translation. A unique opportunity to gain insights from someone who is intimately familiar with almost all aspects of publishing in the Philippines.


To be an audience, please register via the following link

The registration will be open from 2022/4/30 till 2022/5/25. 

Online Participation - Options & Registration Fee

6/6(Mon) Session:   TWD 1,000

6/7(Tue) Session:   TWD 1,000

Full Session:           TWD1,700

*The streaming platform access will be sent to your email address by 2022/5/31.

Physical Participation - Options & Registration Fee

*By attending the physical event, you will also receive a VIP pass of the 2022 Taipei International Book Exhibition, which provides unlimited access to the exhibition during 6/2-6/7.

6/6(Mon) Session:   TWD1,200

6/7(Tue) Session:   TWD1,200

Full Session:           TWD2,000

Should you have any questions, please contact: 
Cecilia Chien, 886-2-27671268 #107,




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