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KSC Skenderija
• Terezije bb
Bosnia & Herzegovina

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International Sarajewo Book Fair


Organized by the KJP Center "Skenderija", this year's fair will be under the motto "Word", and is dedicated to writers, letters and languages of the world and art, education and science, and the participation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. and world creators and publishers with special programs for the affirmation of the translation of the works of our authors into world languages and the translation of the works of world authors.

More than 150 publishers from BiH, neighboring countries and the world, as well as international cultural centres operating in BiH, will participate in this year's fair.



KSC Skenderija
• Terezije bb
Bosnia & Herzegovina

German Collective Stand

German Collective Stand at the 35th International Sarajewo Book Fair

Organized by Goethe-Institute Sarajewo in cooperation with Frankfurter Buchmesse


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