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Danny Beuerbach - Book a Look
©Adam Burakowski
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Book a Look... and read me a book!


Danny Beuerbach rolls out the carpet, adjusts the barber's seat and clacks his scissors; the stage is set – for some magic.


While Danny gives the hair of his small customers a trim, they read to him from their favourite book. The trained hairdresser and “read-aloud barber” promotes reading by travelling all over Germany with his “Book a Look and Read My Book” campaign. 

Now a corresponding book by Danny Beuerbach is available. It tells the story of siblings Lila and Erik, who travel through fantasy worlds accompanied by Danny, the magical hairdresser. During their travels, they encounter knights, dragons and unicorns, while solving a few “hairy” problems.

His book, “Der magische Frisör” (Engl: The Magical Barber) is for Early readers (6yrs plus), and is part of the Ravensbuger First Readers’ collection “Leserabe”

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