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Comics 2023
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Palace of Culture and Science
plac Defilad 1
00-901 Warszawa

Comic and Graphic Novels from German speaking countries

Book presentation

German Stories Booth No. 122


Over the last few years, comic books in all forms (graphic novels, mangas, American comics, Franco-Belgian bandes-dessinées, etc.) have gone from strength to strength. Their illustrated nature makes comics and graphic novels the ideal low-threshhold introduction to reading in general. Every year, Frankfurter Buchmesse chooses a few topics and turns them into book collections to showcase German-speaking productions to the world. Every year, Frankfurter Buchmesse picks a number of topics for their German-language book collections to be showcased to the world. The continuing success of the graphic novel was a good reason for us to put this genre in the spotlight at the German Collective Stands.

The collection will also be in Warsaw, so don’t miss out on the presentation!

We can be found here

German Collective Stand in Warsaw
Warsaw International Book Fair
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Comic and Graphic Novels from German speaking countries

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