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GS Thessa

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ΔΕΘ HELEXPO - Pavilion 13
154 Egnatias Street
54636 Thessaloniki

The Cube

Bijan Moini discusses his debut novel

A not-so-distant future. Germany is controlled by a perfect algorithm. The "Cube" enables people to live carefree lives, pays everyone a basic income, and nips crime in the bud. To achieve this, it collects people’s data, down to the most intimate information. Predictability is paramount. But there is also resistance. One of the few rebels against this system is 28-year-old Taso. With great effort, he evades registration, living lonely but content. That is, until he meets Dalia, who wants nothing more than a life in the Cube’s beautiful world, and he falls in love with her...

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GS Thessa
Thessaloniki Book Fair 2021
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