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Frankfurt–Warsaw Book Metropolises No. 6: Are traditional bookshops a thing of the past?

Panel discussion / discussion

Examples from Germany and Poland of how to futureproof brick-and-mortar retail.

Our speakers have worked in the bookselling trade for many years and are constantly updating their business models. At the event, they will present examples of best practice in on- and offline book retail from their own work. Osiander, a traditional family-run business from south Germany and one of the country’s biggest bookshop chains, recently merged with Thalia, the no. 1 bookshop chain, for its online sales., one of Poland’s largest online book retailers, is currently building a network of brick-and-mortar collection points where customers can pick up their books. The speakers will share their experiences with us and discuss the challenges and opportunities that the future will present if we wish our bookshops to remain important local cultural and social hubs.

Find our recordings here in German and Polish



Frankfurt–Warsaw Book Metropolises is a series of online events in German and Polish jointly organised by the Goethe-Institut Warsaw, Polish Chamber of Books and Frankfurter Buchmesse. At the events, experts from both countries discuss topical issues facing the book and publishing industry, followed by a Q&A

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