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PTP 2023


Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1, Conference Room 3
1F., No.5, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd
Taipei, 110

Publishers Training Programme 2023 - DAY 1 How to thrive in times of crisis


Join us to learn all you need to know to make your publishing business future-proof. The world continues to evolve and introduce new challenges, which are also felt in the publishing industry. Challenges, however, also give way to opportunities. Publishers play an integral role in society. Because it is about more than mastering social media and reaching readers or buyers, but also about taking a stand, raising voices, empowering freedom of speech and promoting a diverse range of authors. The publishing industry has already proved its resilience – and can continue to lead the way in the future.


DAY 1 How to thrive – even in times of crisis

14:00-15:00 #Session 1 – Stay ahead! Costs and a sustainable business 

Costs are increasing everywhere: paper shortage, inflation, transport costs, low book prices. All these aspects may already have impacted your business. This session will help you to pinpoint what economic hurdles may affect your business and how to prepare for and handle them constructively.  

Speaker: Robert Schefenacker

15:00-15:30 Break

15:30-16:30 #Session 2 – How to scout your next bestseller

The publishing market is focusing on bestselling authors, more than ever before. As bestsellers will certainly play a role in the future of your publishing house, this session takes a closer look at how scouting new authors and the selection process leads to some of the most key decisions for a successful publishing list.

Speaker: Karthika VK

Break 16:30-17:00

17:00-18:00 #Session 3: A Future Talk: Southeast Asia, where are you headed? And what does this mean for our publishing industry?

The world as we know it is changing radically. Geopolitics is undergoing shifts of tectonic proportions. We all feel this in our daily lives, as in our daily work. In this panel, our experts discuss what the implications for the publishing industry mean especially for ASEAN countries and the best possible strategies for the future.

Speaker: Linda Tan Lingard, Karthika VK


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