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Julia Friedrichs
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Julia Friedrichs

Julia Friedrichs, born in 1979, studied Journalism in Dortmund and Brussels. Since then, she has worked as an author of reports and documentaries for German television and Die Zeit. Together with the editors of “docupy”, she released the film “Ungleichland” (Unequal Land). She has written several highly acclaimed books, including the 2008 bestseller Gestatten: Elite. Auf den Spuren der Mächtigen von morgen (Licence to Elitism. In the Footsteps of Tomorrow’s Potentates), 2009’s Deutschland dritter Klasse. Leben in der Unterschicht (Third-Class German. Life in the Lower Class) with Eva Müller and Boris Baumholt, 2011’s Ideale. Auf der Suche nach dem, was zählt (Ideals. In Search of What Matters), and, most recently with Berlin Verlag, 2015’s Wir Erben. Was Geld mit Menschen macht (We Inherit: What Money Does to People). She has received numerous prestigious awards for her work, including the Axel Springer Prize for Young Journalists, the Young Journalists Award of the Franco-German Journalism Prize, the Dr. Georg Schreiber-Medienpreis, and the Grimme Prize in 2019. Julia Friedrichs lives with her family in Berlin.

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