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Czech Literary Center

Czech Literary Centre

Czech Literary Centre is a state-funded organisation supporting and promoting Czech literature abroad and in the Czech Republic. The centre is a section of the Moravian Library.
The Czech Literary Centre:
- Promotes prose, literature for children and young adults, poetry, drama, comics, non-fiction and new forms of
- Acts as an information hub for foreign publishers, translators, Czech studies specialists, event organisers and others
interested in Czech literature
- Provides grants for authors to attend cultural events abroad
- Cooperates on international literature and translation projects with partner institutions abroad and in the Czech
- Runs the bilingual website with information about books, authors, grants, residencies and Czech literature
- Cooperates with the network of Czech Centres, which promote Czech culture abroad, as well as with other
governmental and non-governmental cultural and non-profit organisations and individuals
- Is involved in the presentation of Czech literature at book fairs abroad in cooperation with its parent institution
- Organises residencies for foreign translators, Czech studies specialists and authors
- Holds the annual Susanna Roth Award for young translators of Czech literature

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