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Writers’ House of Georgia

Writers’ House of Georgia

The main objective of Writers’ House is to create an open space to manifest Georgian and world cultural traditions and current literary processes, where Georgian and foreign writers, and artists will have the opportunity to present their work to the public and get actively involved in important literary and artistic processes taking place at the international level.
The aim of the Writers’ House is to popularize cultural heritage and literature, support literary processes, initiate literary competitions and awards, establish interaction with foreign governmental and non-governmental organizations, agencies, and artistic unions.

The translation programs of Writers’ House of Georgia are designed for foreign and local publishing houses, willing to translate and publish Georgian and Foreign literature in translation. The program Georgian Literature in Translation aims to issue subsidies to foreign publishing houses that are interested in translating and publishing Georgian literature.
Writers’ House offers subsidies to cover the literary translation and printing costs, and this gives tangible support to the interest of foreign publishers in the growth of Georgian literature.
Natasha Lomouri
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