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Chas Maistriv

Chas Maistriv

Publisher profile
Chas Maistriv publishing house from Kyiv, Ukraine, creates innovative books that help children in their development. Children need books that are so exciting and fascinating that they simply cannot put them down. But we go beyond that in our work. We also love to create books full of know-how, so we publish titles in the fields of picture books, fiction, non-fiction, encyclopaedias, educational and non-fiction books for children and teenagers up to 16 years old. Our company name Chas Maistriv translates into “Time of Masters”, which expresses our high standards for the quality and innovative publications of our programme.

Mission statement:
Humankind needs rational minds to bring goodness and joy to life. It is our mission to help girls and boys achieve this from the very beginning of their lives.
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