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Hoffmann und Campe

About Hoffmann und Campe Verlag
Hoffmann und Campe, founded in 1781, is a publishing house with a long tradition and today one of Germany’s largest and most successful general publishers with a portfolio that embraces the works of famous authors and young writing talents. Since 1951, all works by the eminent narrative writer Siegfried Lenz have been published by Hoffmann und Campe.

About ist imprint Atlantik Verlag
In spring 2014 Hoffmann und Campe has launched the new imprint called Atlantik. Atlantik focuses on contemporary fiction, timeless crime novels and narrative nonfiction for the modern reader.
The Atlantik list features such acclaimed authors as Agatha Christie, Nora Ephron, Dolly Alderton, Raven Leilani, Maddie Mortimer and Otegha Uwagba.
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