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Klett-Cotta J.G. Cotta'sche Buchhandlung Nachfolger GmbH
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For Klett-Cotta, the focus on a high-calibre literary programme is fundamental, as the company started off as one of the most important publishers of classics in Germany (e.g. publications by Schiller and Goethe).
To this day, Klett-Cotta manages the rights of renowned German writers such as Ernst Jünger, Martin Heidegger and those of the rediscovered author Ulrich Alexander Boschwitz (“The Passenger”).

Nowadays, it is not only Klett-Cotta's literary programme that is diverse. With bestselling authors such as Wolfram Eilenberger ("Time of the Magicians"), Klett-Cotta also offers a wide range of successful non-fiction books, especially in the field of history – gaining wide attention by press and media.

Part of the publishing house is TROPEN. The imprint publishes young, urban and progressive literature, thriller crime novels as well as radical, pop-cultural or politically influenced non-fiction.

In addition, Klett-Cotta, with its specialist book programme and its imprint SCHATTAUER, is one of Germany’s leading specialist book publishers in the field of psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry.

Other than that, Klett-Cotta is the German home of some of the most important fantasy authors of our time, such as J.R.R. Tolkien.
Frauke Kniffler
Head of Rights
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