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Verlag Jungbrunnen

Jungbrunnen publishers was founded in 1923 by the „Österreichische Kinderfreunde“ organisation, the Austrian „friends of children“. The original intention was to produce quality books for children and youths, mainly for those who didn‘t have easy access to books. The quality aspect has remained over the years, but the range of published books has increased and has become more varied and colorful.
Jungbrunnen classics have been read for generations and they still haven’t lost any of their appeal for children.
Jungbrunnen books are being read all over the world: 75 percent of all the published titles have been translated into various languages. Die Omama im Apfelbaum, one of our classics, can be read in 25 different languages. About half of the currently available books on the Jungbrunnen list have been published by Chinese publishers. Quite a number of texts have been adapted for the stage, some have been made into films or combined with music.
At the moment there are about 120 different titles on the Jungbrunnen list, among many others by authors like Heinz Janisch or Albert Wendt and Illustrators like Helga Bansch or Linda Wolfsgruber.
Jungbrunnen books are literary and have mainly realistic themes, they are entertaining as well as suspenseful and they deal with topics which play a role in childrens‘ everyday lives. Our aim is to make children feel at home in our books and let them get in touch with existential questions. Quality in content, language and illustration is still the basis of our production.
We produce mainly originals, but also buy in rights from time to time, always looking for special titles and topics which are not mass market or mainstream. We try to bind authors and illustrators to our publishing house not only for single titles, but cooperate with them for longer periods. This we achieve by continually looking after every single book as long as we have it in our list.
Jungbrunnen books have been much acclaimed nationally and internationally – to mention just one example: The Austrian children’s and youth book award has been given to 56 Jungbrunnen books since 1955.
Martina Moosleitner
Foreign Rights Manager
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