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Founded in 1975 Campus Verlag is one of the most successful, independent German publishers of business books, general non-fiction and academic titles.

Campus’ non-fiction titles contribute to the debate on economy, current affairs, history and society. Campus is e.g. the home of authors like Malcolm Gladwell, Michael Lewis, Ian Morris, Jeremy Rifkin, and Paul Krugman.
The general list is completed by self-help books for personal development. Here, Campus built a number of German authors who became international bestsellers, e.g. Tiki Küstenmacher with “Simplify your life”.

Its business titles cover two areas: general titles on management, strategy, sales & marketing, human resources, but also practical books for professional and career development.

The academic list focuses on sociology and history presenting the latest research findings and providing critical analysis.
Annette Prassel
License Manager
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