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Verlag Müller & Schindler

We reproduce historical manuscripts and documents as true to the original replicas, undistinguishable from the original in every aspect. So, they can be used as ambassadors of heritage without endangering the irreplaceable originals. Such editions can be used in many ways:

As an exclusive and very personal gift
As a unique ambassador of culture and heritage
For study and learning, giving exciting insights into cultural achievements created hundreds of years ago.

The production of each of our editions is carefully monitored, from the first inspection to the taking of photographs and printing, through to the process of gilding and binding. Both, the protection and safeguarding of the original as well as the publication and scientific treatment in the course of the reproduction have always been a top priority. The manufacture of each of our high quality replicas requires considerable technical knowledge and
craftsmanship. Each individual book is the result of many different working steps.
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