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Art brimming with joie de vivre: Marion J. Bartz is an artist with a passion and is particularly attached to her pictures and stories. The Berlin-based artist gathers her ideas in nature and on her travels.

Her passion for painting nature and different scenes began in 1978: she puts her observations on paper with only a little water – she calls this technique 'dry watercolour painting'. With great attention to detail, she captures travel snapshots and seemingly everyday occurrences on her watercolour block – and always 'plein air'. With her MAJOBA magnetic bookmarks, she has found a way to bring her pictures to many people.

The results are little everyday helpers full of joie de vivre: simply open them up and clip them into a book. Marion J. Bartz has been writing the stories that accompany the paintings since 2011. In the meantime, six booklets with short stories, poems and thought sketches and three picture books have been published by her own publishing house MAJOBA.
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