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Deutsches Kulturforum östliches Europa/German Cultural Forum for Central and Eastern Europe

The German Cultural Forum for Central and Eastern Europe publishes richly illustrated non-fiction books about the cultural history of those areas of Central and Eastern Europe where Germans used to, or still do live. The carefully edited titles with elaborated appendices are written by well-known experts who are able to present information about Central and Eastern Europe in an attractive way by cultural travel guides or historical overview books. The Cultural Forum also edits an annual and a bimonthly magazine, Blickwechsel ("Change of perspective") and Kulturkorrespondenz östliches Europa ("Cultural Correspondence Central and Eastern Europe"). Furthermore, the Forum organizes popular lectures, discussions, readings, exhibitions, concerts, journalist trips, writer residencies and prize-givings.

Licensing Information
We offer free licenses (and layout if wanted) for our cultural and literary travel guides and historical non-fiction books about regions in Central and Eastern Europe where used to, or still do live Germans. Our target is to spread knowledge about the shared history of Germany and its Eastern neighboring countries.
Tanja Krombach
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