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An Inventory of Losses

Judith Schalansky presents: An Inventory of Losses 


World history is full of things that were lost – wantonly destroyed or faded away over the course of time. Judith Schalansky devotes herself to what these losses leave behind: echoes and blurred trails, rumours and legends, signs of omission and phantom pains. Starting with lost objects of nature and art such as the songs of Sappho, the demolished Palace of the Republic, an extinct species of tiger, or an island submerged in the Pacific, she sketches an incomplete inventory of the lost and disappeared.

German & Greek with simultaneous translation

In collaboration with Antipodes Verlag 



Event time (Europe/Berlin)

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ΔΕΘ HELEXPO - Pavilion 13
154 Egnatias Street
54636 Thessaloniki

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