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Ludwig Erhard Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt

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Frankfurt International Booksellers


Further education and networking programme for international booksellers


The programme is aimed at international booksellers who stock foreign-language titles in their bookshops and would like to gain a concrete insight into the German book market and German publishing production. 15 international booksellers are selected by the Frankfurt Book Fair to take part in this exclusive training, exchange and networking programme. 


Seminars on the German book market (the publishing landscape, the distribution and bookselling system, programme presentation by German publishers) and on bookselling topics (best-practice examples from German bookshops and current topics tailored to the specific needs of the participants).


Networking with German publishers and bar ranges. Exchange on the participants' book markets and their specific challenges, as well as networking among the participants and with the Frankfurt Book Fair's other support programmes "Frankfurt Fellowship" and "Invitation Programme for Publishers".


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