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Non/Fiction Moscow


Non/Fiction is the leading literary event of the year in Moscow, a popular and rapidly developing platform for the presentation of new books, literary discussions, meetings with authors, reading promotion, and popularising the book.

Non/Fiction Moscow

German Collective Stand

We have been organising our German Collective Stand at Non/Fiction since the 1990s, and are exceptionally proud of the growing connections between Russian and German publishers. In the last two years, we have seen a strong and growing interest in German children's and young adult literature.

Participating exhibitors



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Children's Books on Tour - Spring 2021
German children’s and young adult books are very much in demand among international licensees and an absolute...
Children's Books on Tour Autumn 2021
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German Book Prize 2021 Longlist
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German Book Prize 2020
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I’d Rather Be a Poem–Modern German Poetry
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DIY - Do it Yourself. Books against Boredom
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Stiftung Buchkunst Visual
The Best German Book Design 2020
These outstanding examples of design, concept and finishing are selected for the award by an independent jury.
German Stories Anthropocene
The Future Starts Now. Anthropocene – the Age of Human Influence on Nature and Climate
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250 Years of Ludwig van Beethoven
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